Programs and Pricing

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*All Dogs Must Be Fully Vaccinated*

If you've already had an evaluation and are looking to schedule your next training session, please go to our Scheduling Page by clicking here.

Basic Obedience Training

$575 For 8 Weeks

Basic Obedience Training is crucial for all dogs and dog owners. This helps build that important foundation that all training and obedience is based on. 

Whether you have a brand new addition to your family or you finally want to take steps toward proper training, our Basic Obedience Training Program is a great place to start.

We'll cover tasks and commands such as; loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come, place, as well as on-leash etiquette.

Behavior Modification

$975 For 8 Weeks (Ages 4+ Months) Private & Group

Our Behavior Modification Program is perfect for creating structure with you and your dog(s) and modifying unwanted behavior. We'll cover and train you and your dog to stop dog and human aggression, stop food aggression, stop crate aggression and much more. The commands we'll focus on are sit, down and stay, and we'll cover loose leash walking as well.
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